Past the Willow and the Well

by Gloria Bangiola

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released August 20, 2013

album art by Prin Limphongpand



all rights reserved


Gloria Bangiola Bloomington, Indiana

Gloria Bangiola is a folk singer-songwriter based in New York, NY, who writes Americana folk music. In January 2013, she released her first album, Past the Willow and the Well (available on spotify and itunes). Two years later, her second full-length album: "Fool's Gold" is available for purchase! ... more

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Track Name: Timothy
Timothy, a secret hangs from the apple tree
Where last we hung our souls to dry
In bright sunlight
And Timothy, it’s mixed with your cream skin
Dotted with specks of cinnamon
And slight suggestions of mint

I see you clearly

Timothy, sunken fields filled with humidity so deep
We sink like bees in honey
Steeping in the breeze
And Timothy, the slight distortion of your eyes
Where stars do lie reminds me of the flowers
Nestled in my mind

I see you clearly
Track Name: Broken Lullabies
You, my love, are older than I
Perhaps you can tell the reason why
We’re falling apart
I’m singing broken lullabies to you
Of booze and accidental babies
We are maybe trying too hard
To love each other’s shadows

I’m trying to hold onto love like sand
It slips through my hands like sheet of paper
Leaving only cuts and burns
And visions and ecstasies flash through my mind
Like silent films
Leaving me blinded
With pictures of a girl who looks too much like me

American Dream
This is a cry to thee
Am I really the ideal,
Or were you just teasing me?

I married you for your strong hands
Never thinking they could brand me
With anything other than love
But now I’m suffocating, straining
Against the smoke and gin we lit on fire
For warmth as we went off alone to find

American Dream
why do you taunt me with false visions?
Is this picture of perfection
Made of ashes only

Mama told me just before she died
‘Status is a cruel captor
My beautiful fool
And anemia is a strange disease
You might have popped a pill with ease
But it was crushed between my knees
As I knelt down to pray’

American Dream
Sing me to sleep
With promises you for once can keep.
Track Name: Sleeping in Piles
We will travel the sea
Far and wide
North, South, West, and East
We’ll try to find some peace
Try to keep the monsters at bay for a while

We’ll sleep in a pile
Under the wide-eyed moon
So hushed so quiet
We’ll lay still
We’ll lay together and I’ll love you forever

And we won’t feel sadness anymore
No, we won’t feel sadness anymore

We’ll build up a fortress
Tall and wide
We’ll live for ourselves
We will hide away from the world
We will never emerge
And we’ll be happy together

And we won’t know sorrow anymore
No, we won’t know sorrow anymore

We travelled the sea
Far and wide
North, South, West and East
We tried to find some peace
Tried to keep the monsters at bay
But they lurked at the edge of our brains
And they got in that way

And we don’t sleep in piles anymore
No, we don’t sleep in piles anymore
But I still love you
And I will you forever more
Track Name: Wind in the Willow
Wind in the willow like water flows down
Consecrates the ground on which we laid
Sacrifice to the Gods
Pray for fairer weather
For rain restores the pallor of our savage foes

Bless me Father for I have sinned
‘Pin her like a prick and to the stake her bones stick’
Curse the rain
Deny the blame
And call a crusade to Sudan for the holy land

Oh Helena, I knew you well
Before the city fell

Claim the right, deem the blood in the street justified
And claim my body should be severed from the thoughts in my head
Revolution breeds new birth
Claim the ones next in line
For the throne they have in mind

Tanks mow down weak flesh with weight
Pound the dirt, suffocate, and I’ll lose my place
Now my step has lost its spring
Amid the corpses where I dwell
My being seems to melt

Oh Helena, recall me well
Once I’m beyond the veil

Do you love me now, Helena?
It seems the plans were botched, Helena

It seems I’m passed the pale
Down by our willow and the well
Track Name: Traveller's Lullaby
The future holds no certainty
Fate is a fact but it doesn’t nourish me
We are alone, our bodies and souls are wandering

Fighting, flighting
Back from the road and its endless winding
We lose and find our souls in the eyes of each other

Oh Darling, I know it’s frightening to leave what you know
But the time has come
So dearie, no matter how far you roam
You must know that I love you

We were friends in diapers
Playing in grass with our pickled pipers
But time roles on, it pulls us along and away

And though my legs have lengthened
My elbows and knees have long since strengthened
I can’t forget what was held in our little fingers

Oh Darling, no matter how far I roam
I can’t pull my roots from your toes
So Dearie, though the dark separates us
Don’t you forget that I love you

I always do
No matter how far I am from you
Track Name: Skin and Bones
Road I bid you fond adieu
Sold my worn soles for brand new shoes
To carry me through
To wide glades of milky dew and morning sun
Watch as shadows form in the dusty light of dawn
As hair the length of the wind will run

Road I send you sweet farewell
Until my feet with sorrow swell
Then I’ll turn my cheek to your face
In kinder soil my footing place
Together we’ll carry these old skin and bones
Back to the place called home

Road I offer solemn prayer
From these bones so wracked with care
Oh I fear the untamed wild
For the savage plain can be so unkind
Oh road remain undefiled
Remain my comfort when I am weak with trial

Together we’ll carry these old bones and skin
Back to the start and begin again